Pennut syntyivät 16.2. / Puppies were born 16.2.

Perjantaina alkoi tapahtua ja Oikku synnytti 7 eloisaa pentua, 2 urosta ja 5 narttua. Oikku ei taaskaan tarvinnut apua vaan hoiti kaiken itse hienosti. Näillä näkymin 2 narttua olisi vielä vapaana harrastaviin koteihin, joten jos olet kiinnostunut, otahan yhteyttä:  Pennut ovat luovutusiässä 6.4. ja saavat mukaansa hyvät pentupaketit ja Agrian piilevät viat vakuutuksen vuoden loppuun asti.

Oikku gave birth to 7 lively puppies on Friday, 2 males and 5 females. Oikku didn´t need any help and took care of everything wonderfully by herself. At the moment it seems there are 2 females still free to working homes, so if you are interested please contact me:  Puppies will be ready to leave on 6.4. and will get good puppy packages and Agria´s insurance for hidden flaws until the end of the year.


Heavily pregnant…

Oikku on vahvasti tiineenä, helmikuun puolivälin jälkeen on meillä taas pentujen vilinää.

Dubion Oikku was bred with Harmaa Kettu Buhveli in December and is now heavily pregnant. Oikku competes in obedience CAT3 and has also done a bit of tracking and agility and passed the BH- and AD-tests. She has been tested by a few decoys and all of them have liked her very much. She has a naturally good grip, very high preydrive, excellent nerves and at home an off switch. She wants to please her handler and knows nothing better in life than training.

Buhveli also known as Peetu is a 7-year-old mondioring dog. He is a strong dog with good nerves. He has power and drive without having to hassle all the time. He bites decoys very hard and enjoys it. He has that something extra…

Both parents have been officially x-rayed and been very healthy.                                      Harmaa Kettu Buhveli:

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, back: SP0, LTV0, VA0. Eyes clear.

Dubion Oikku:

HD: A/A, ED:0/0, back: SP0, LTV0. Eyes clear, knees 0/0.

I am expecting excellent working dogs to basically any sport, if you are interested send me an e-mail to:


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